Pricing and Rates

There are two options with regards to the pricing for our services.The main option is to pay for services based on hourly moving rates for which we can provide you with a moving estimate. The alternative is to ask for a moving quote, otherwise known as a “flat rate”.A quote often serves well in providing peace of mind since you know in advance what your move will cost. They are often required when a move is being subsidized by the government or by an employer. However, when movers quote a job, they take into account several factors. These include the cost of visiting the client to conduct a thorough inventory of all items to be moved and taking into consideration all possible delays or unexpected circumstances that could arise during the move. For this reason, quoted rates will generally be set 20-25% higher than the estimated cost of moves.Moving long distance within USA? Save by participating in one of our consolidated moves Rates:  labor only = $55 per mover   (4 hr min) $220 on all moves! 2 men, 1 truck @ $110.00 per hour

3 men, 1 truck @ $165.00 per hour

4 men, 1 truck @ $220.00 per hour

Contract agreement: PDF file MovingContract

REGULAR RATES     ***** effective Nov.15, 2018 ***** valid until Mar.15, 2020 *****

These rates may increase during peak periods to compensate for increased overtime paid to employees.

This usually includes weekends, the first couple days and the last few days of each month.


  •  internal moves, (un)load rental trucks
  •  deliveries; boxes, light furniture
  •  bachelor / very small 1 bdrm apt (lightly furnished)
  •  moderately furnished 2 bdrm apt or smaller
  •  2 or 3 bdrm house (few or no boxes)
  •  up to 3 bdrm house with boxes
*** TRAVEL CHARGES *** For local moves within Rochester, there is an additional one hour charge for travel time at the contracted rate unless otherwise stated. This charge covers the cost of the crew travelling to the place of origin and back to the office from the destination. This charge will be higher when travelling to or from outlying cities or towns. When required to travel more than 25 miles  outside of Rochester, the travel charge will be based on a charge per mile as opposed to the hourly rate.When you hire labor only, the movers do not have any professional moving equipment or tools with them. As a result, they are not able to properly pad/wrap furniture and will not have other equipment such as hand carts, dollies, special straps and furniture elastics. They will also be relying on the customer to disassemble and reassemble tables, desks, refrigerator doors, and other items that can not be moved as is or fit through doorways. These factors prevent the movers from being able to perform a professional move and increase the chance of damages occurring. For this reason, we can not extend our cargo insurance to cover these situations.The relocation of oversized items such as pianos and large-screen televisions will usually be subject to a surcharges, especially where stairs are involved. Surcharges will also apply in cases where entranceways and stairwells are too small to allow passage and furniture must be hoisted up the outside of the building to upper levels. These surcharges are to cover the increased risks on our insurance as well as our employees (who receive extra compensation).There is a 100% surcharge for booking moves on public holidays (New Year’s Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic Holiday, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day).Sometimes the contents of the home must be stored in the truck overnight. This can occur when the closing on a new home is delayed or often in long distance relocations where the crew loads the truck one day and can’t unload at the new location until the following day. In such cases, an overnight storage fee of $150 or one hour at the contracted rate (whichever is greater) will be charged.Payment for services rendered is usually requested in the form of cash or bank draft. Personal cheques may be accepted at our discretion if they are drawn on a TD American Trust account. Payment can also be made by credit card if the charge is preauthorized at least 24 hours prior to the move. A 3.5% convenience fee will apply for any payments made by credit/debit card. Invoicing is available at 30 day terms to government departments or for contracted / ongoing services provided to corporate clients.